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Vine Deloria, Jr.

Report to the Nation: Claiming Europe
Carter Revard

The Soft-Hearted Sioux
Zitkala-Sa (Gertrude Bonnin)

As It Was in the Beginning
E. Pauline Johnson

Jody Barnes

Secular Revenge
Basil Johnston

The Problem of Old Harjo
John M. Oskison

Letter to the Editor
Fus Fixico (Alexander Posey)

Summer Water and Shirley
Durango Mendoza

High Cotton
Rayna Green

Linda Hogan

A Death in the Family
Beth Brant

Katie’s Flight
Vickie Sears

The Priest of the Sun
N. Scott Momaday

Irvin Morris

Talking Circle
Laurie Weahkee

Miracle at Chimayo
Robert L. Perea

Earl Yellow Calf
James Welch

Bertha’s Cross
Steve Barse

Whispers from a Dead World
Joseph Little

Jesus Christ’s Half-Brother Is Alive and Well on the Spokane Indian Reservation
Sherman Alexie

Manna and Quail
Dawn Karima Pettigrew

The Woman Who Fell from the Sky
Joy Harjo

The Alligator King
Diane Glancy

Killing Time
Sam Sandoval

Inscribing the Wound World: Human Fiction on the Spaceman’s Religion
James Treat

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